Why eDarkEnergy?

Today, the back-end of any website needs to be integrated properly with sales and marketing implementation. Period. And especially for small and local businesses, this is becoming even more critical.

So to be genuinely helpful to any small business owner, marketing efforts require either access to their website back-end or very close cooperation between IT and marketing.

Therefore, to streamline the support of local business and small non-profits, |GDE| also provides back-end IT services as well.

If you already have your own, we simply work with what you have. And because we also provide those services, you know that we know what needs to be done to integrate them. So we can get things moving quickly and easily when you are ready. Either way!

Hosting Services—With A Smile

Our own website hosting services are supported by one of the most efficient, cost-effective and service oriented companies in the market. We know through other’s statistics and our own research.

We provide packages that give you the basics or full support, depending upon your need.

You may just need cost-effective, well supported hosting. Or you may need a complete system where you get a prices, and we do the work.

But bottom line, we know that NO tool or resource is “one-size-fits-all.”

Plus we want you to look good, work effectively and efficiently, and get on with your core business or non-profit work, the stuff you do best.

When you are ready to utilize our resources as your own “IT back office” just push some buttons, and we’ll be there!

OK So the Smile Is An Elfish Grin…

Oh, and by the way, we called our web hosting service area “eDarkEnergy” because this back area of your business really does fuel so much of what becomes those bright lights of your business or social enterprise.

If you like having a little fun with physics, take a look at what we see—but perhaps more importantly, what we don’t, the reality of our cosmos and connecting it to daily life, take a quick look at “why eDarkEnergy“… and enjoy!