Global Connect 2020

Where everything can change

Join the Global Connect Tech Delegation

to the

14th United Nations’
Crime Congress

in Kyoto, Japan

Digital and social technologies are re-shaping our world… fast.

Groundbreaking technologies and services, led by visionary leaders are increasingly needed to leverage the good in our world.

Attend the United Nations’ 2020 Crime Congress in Kyoto, Japan, April 20 – 28, 2020, and as a “technology diplomat,” where your business and insights can make a world of difference by…

» Engaging the who’s who of international crime and justice leaders

» Showcasing your business/insights contributions to peace and justice

» Forging lucrative partnerships with world leaders, experts & practitioners looking for the latest tech and ideas

» Participating in a strategy sprint to positively disrupt stuck global conversations on challenging security issues

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A Broad Overview

Global Connect Benefits

Congress Organizers

» The Government of Japan is Hosting the 2020 Crime Congress

» UNODC Manages the Formal Proceedings

» UNICRI & the NY Alliance of NGOs on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice mange the Ancillary Sessions

A Transformative Experience

Access the collaborative power of an elite mastermind focused on global impact through emerging tech.

Peace & Justice

Engage world leaders in crime prevention and criminal justice policy, development and implementation.

Experienced Support

High level mentoring for optimal impact in the unique international environment of the United Nations 2020 Crime Congress.

Lucrative Partnerships

Of course these will be up to you. But where else can you connect daily—for more than a week—with leaders from 193 countries? Make connections and handshake deals you can take to the next level.