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Our top-ranked open enrollment programs for individuals are where intellectual stimulation, great teaching, and cutting-edge research meet. Our courses offer executives the latest business knowledge and theory with practical real-world applications.

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The realities of globalization and technological change have raised the bar on what it takes to create and maintain a competitive advantage. As a higher standard of leadership emerges, so does the need for a more innovative executive development. Global Development Enterprise is at the forefront of designing and delivering tailored programming and group experiences to meet the leadership development objectives of our clients.

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COVID-19 has permanently changed how organizations operate. Organizations of all sizes and industries have reset their business models to move forward. While this pandemic is disruptive globally, visionary leaders who capitalize on new opportunities and mobilize their teams will steer ahead with confidence.

Here at GDE we are ready to help you transform your skills during these unprecedented times with our growing suite of Live-Online and Online programs. Our goal is to help you gain the strategic foresight and agility to swiftly change direction, reallocate resources, and make decisions to capitalize on growth and opportunities.

Karen Judd Smith

Our leadership programs utilize the “essential you” Transilience Framework™ to keep you and your team thriving even as disruption and change abounds.

Our saccelerated learning proccess helps you learn essentials fast, and when you need it. Instead of complex methods, we focus on improving your core leadership skills that underpin success in all endeavors. Don’t waste years getting to where you need to be.

Who has the time to take years to get where you want and need to be?

“Hesitation quickly shifts to excitement when you know what to do, have a system you trust, and a growing confidence you can create transformational opportunities.”

Are you frustrated because you don’t know with confidence, where to begin to make the changes you know are needed and can be made?

That’s where we come in. We ground our approach in the basics of human functioning to help you gain clarity and confidence in your professional and life leadership.

We offer clear, actionable steps, strategies, and tactics to support your personal growth and development. Our models, tools, and processes are designed to be simple, elegant, powerful and most importantly, they work



  • Thrive in times of uncertainty
  • Up your game when the worst happens
  • Deal with set-backs
  • Lead history’s most anxious generation
  • Build grit and zest into your teams

We live in unprecedented times facing challenges never faced before. Activate transformative thinking and resilience fast.

Our development programs provide step-by-step guidance to help you reach your goals. Our approach goes beyond cognitive learning and equips you with practical tools to navigate challenging situations.

Our “whole brain” training augments traditional learning to optimize your personal and professional life. Our innovative tools and proven processes are simple, elegant, and effective.

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