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A lot of people visit our website and then contact me to ask if the online marketing consultant rates and fees being charged to them are fair. While price is often the first concern, sequencing is often not thought about.

Would it be terrible to offer what seems to be a higher rate, when in fact, it is for properly timed services? So you don’t eventually learn through mistakes, nor waste precious time, or tie-up cashflow?

I’m always honest with my clients and want to state that my hourly and project fees are not the cheapest “out there.” Fees in this industry vary just as much as they do in your own. When making your decision to hire a consultant or to contract work to be done, you need to take a lot of factors into account, some of which are listed below.

How We Work With Our Clients
We work with our clients to assess their real marketing needs and to help them make a plan according to their business model, industry competitiveness, and the factors listed above.

There is no “one size fits all” for online marketing plans.  and, therefore, it would be hard for me to lay out a full fee rate for your specific needs. But, I am giving you an example of what you could expect to be charged by an online marketing consultant. Keep in mind the following about my fees:

  • Our company has seven years experience
  • We have proven results and most clients are referral based
  • We have diverse capacities as are needed to ensure your online presence integrates well into your existing business model and organization’s resources
  • Rates listed are based on a singular, short-term, contracts – clients with longer-term, container, or bundled services have reduced rates
Website Design & Development
  • Starting at $1,000, website development varies with specific purpose of the site within the business and the functionality needed such as:
    • Membership areas
    • eCommerce
    • Associated apps needed and additional functionality
    • Video production
    • Product development & delivery
    • Data capture & management
    • … Etc.
Webcasting, Recording, Playback

Webcasting is a powerful way to use today’s technology to build, educate, inform teams as well as sell, market and develop projects. But not all companies have their own techie or the technical knowledge needed to make the best of today’s technologies.

|GDE| provides NGOs, small companies cost effective access needed when teams are spread across the globe or around the country.

We host and manage webcasts, webinars and online training so you use your time and financial resources optimally making it easy to keep your projects on track, on time and all members of your team onboard with the latest developments.

Webcasting packages start at $500 vary with the specific needs of the event, including pre-event marketing, event technical support, event recording, and analytics.

Contact us for more information. Or call 415-230-4750 now to get more information.

Website Management
  • Starting at $150/month
  • Adding content, pages, images, etc.
App Development
  • Basic apps can start as low as $700, let us know what you are thinking
  • Apps can be made for local businesses, teams, for Apple and Android
Hourly Rate
  •  $85/hr

 Rates & Fees

Factors Contributing to Fees & Rates

  • Years of experience
  • Level of expertise needed for the work required
  • Timeliness in which your work needs to be completed
  • Length/Size of contract between both parties

You do want to make sure you hire an individual with enough experience to do the job well while still not overpaying for that experience.

Marketing_Consultant_Salary__United_States_Years of Experience

Doing a search online for “Online Marketing Consultant Salary” you’ll find the range is anywhere from $36,000 to over $200,000 a year. You can see one sample here:

What do you think is one of the biggest differentiating factors that determine what you should be paying? Yes, years of experience.

The salary of someone with two years experience will be much lower on this spectrum than that of an experienced consultant with five, ten or fifteen years experience. The consultants hours or project fees will be reflect in their prices.

The best will have had experience in other fields of business as well, thus enhancing their understanding of strategic development of your site as well as the specific skills needed in an ever-evolving field.

Level of Expertise Needed For Work Required

What your business needs at this time should drive the levels of expertise you seek.

Are you looking for a new website, re-design of an existing website, help with your online sales efforts, or looking for a manager for the paid-per-click campaign?

Maybe you are looking to launch a new internet business and need a consultant to help walk you through the ins and outs of starting a successful internet business? Perhaps you are up and running and now recognize you need someone to coach you on how to mange your own online presence and all the caveats of that today?

All of these types of work require different levels of expertise and factor into the hourly or project rate you will pay for online marketing help.

How Quick Does Work Need To Be Completed

Speed and immediacy is also a factor. If you are looking to have a project turned around quickly or do you have time to work within the consultants schedule Expect to pay a premium if you need a quicker than usual turnaround time.

Length/Size of Contract Between Both Parties

Larger projects usually come at a discount, as does a relationship that is going to be longer term. A new website by itself may cost you more than a contract to design the same website and have a monthly maintenance contract with the consultant to help improve your SEO efforts.

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