To develop successful marketing strategies today, you need to keep one cardinal rule in mind: It’s all about them—our customers. So the key question for business owners today becomes: “Is my business adapting to the changes in their behavior or am I lagging behind?”

Lets take a short journey, starting where things begin each day, upon arising.

The Day Begins

So what do you do when you first wake up? Do you know what your customers do in the first 15 minutes?

Is it possible that there are more mobile subscriptions than there are people on earth?

Where do people use their phones? Home? Restaurants? In stores where they are shopping? On the go?

How many mobile searches result in actions by consumers? What might that mean for my business?

Are print or mobile coupons redeemed more often? And how many times more?

What percentage of mobile social shares to Facebook Twitter and Pinterest get combined?

Is the amount of time people spend online more on PCs? Mobile? Table? Growing? Shrinking?

What Do I Need To Know To Develop Successful Marketing Strategies for Today?

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