The process of getting your business online, found and working to get you customers—optimally—is an investment process that has long-term benefits and adds value. Getting online is essential today, and having a strong website base for your business, even if you are going to focus on being found mobile, is essential.

The excitement of getting online often gives way to frustration when we discover that even though we are online, getting people to visit our site, getting traffic is just as mysterious as, and perhaps even more so than the work of getting a domain, a hosting company, web designer and content all up “in the cloud”.

This is where a committed long-term strategy of optimizing your site simply makes sense.

It doesn’t produce the great “ta da” of instant phone calls, but it builds like a stream in the rain, into a steady flow of traffic to your site that is essential. But what it does do is:

  • Put eyes on your business.
  • Provides data that you exist and when and where to connect with you.
  • It establishes confidence and builds your brand.
  • It is the solid base that enables you to be found by the growing numbers of mobile device users.
  • Businesses that are to survive and thrive today, absolutely need a website and ways to be found.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand all about SEO. Even the gurus are constantly learning and evolving as the market shifts and changes with new algorithms, technological developments and more. Small business leaders need to know about it, why it is important and why you need to have an agency on your side with the skills, resources and capacity to provide solid service, strategies and constant innovation.

There is nothing “written in stone” about the internet. This is no “one way.” But there are very definite things that can be done for each business. And it is not cookie cutter. Each business is different in its services and offerings, its stage of development and capacity to allocate budgets and resources, the market it is in, and much more.

This is another reason why there is not “one size that fits all.” Anyone with the knowledge your business needs to tap is going to have to be in consultation with you to determine what is best for your business today.

Search Engine Optimization is a key strategy, but it is not always the first thing you will do.

Complete our free online consultation if you would like to get some better insights into whether or not you need SEO right now, or how much, or perhaps you need local business optimization rather than SEO. Perhaps you should use Pay Per Click (PPC). Perhaps not. Or develop an app for your business. Or not.

Complete the FREE online consultation to help get a grasp on what your options are and what would be good for you to do today, next month, in 6 months and beyond.

Or simply take a quick look at where your business ranks on google today (to give you an idea of whether or not you are being found by mobile searches or your competitors are!) All this takes is for you to put in your business’ phone number and you will instantly get an online report.