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Breaking News: New Google changes affect all businesses on the web

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The web of yesterday gave us immediate gratification BUT we had to have a computer and an internet connection. Today there are more people with mobile devices than there are internet connected computers. Now sure, not all of them are smartphones, but that is but months away. The new web comes to us wirelessly. In our hands, and “aware” of where you are. GPS devices geographically position you in the moment. What is happening now is the biggest marketing breakthrough since the invention of the printing press.

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|GDE| has developed a suite of services for small local businesses and non-profits. Show up on Google maps, GPS devices and smart phones. It’s today’s wave when it comes to marketing.

We help small businesses that don’t have their own IT department “outsource” the techie stuff while keeping you in charge of your marketing strategies by informing and consulting with you so you can leverage the internet through a growing number of internet marketing services without having to spend your time on implementation.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Website set-up and management
  • Mobile marketing strategies and services including sms, text, QR codes, and mobile ad campaigns
  • Internet marketing utilizing video, email and information marketing strategies
  • Establishing membership, e-commerce and paid customer sites
  • We provide updates and information on the latest developments in internet services and changes
  • And much, much more