Even if most businesses are sold on the idea that going mobile is a necessity, the numbers tell us that the majority of businesses still have not yet adapted their practices accordingly.

This is just another nudge from an experienced person encouraging business owners to take the plunge and make the changes necessary. And don’t get overwhelmed! A few small changes can make a big difference. The main thing is to get started. And not all changes are expensive. In a nutshell, NOT making the changes will be more expensive, as in losing valuable sales opportunities.

But not taking a look or making an informed decision for your business is what might be too expensive!

Becoming Responsive


With the growing reality of social media being a part of life, we need to employ what is called “responsive marketing.” It is a key strategic shift that businesses need to make today.

pdfReportBut are you where they are? To help out, we put a few statistics together into one easy to review file. View it online or download it (free—no email needed) here: InfoGraphic.

Some of the numbers are quite surprising and getting a grip on what these mean for business is what is important.  That’s what the short video helps with. It introduces you to the idea of integrating a simple but strategic digital marketing system into your daily business that consistently gets you more customers in the door.

It shows how today’s technologies have ushered in massive changes in the way people engage one another, go about getting the things they want, and why this is important to small and medium businesses—NOT just the big ones! And Google is trying to help!

Remember, these numbers are not just interesting in and of themselves, they have distinct implications for most businesses today.

So get started, take a quick look, then continue below…

[sz-player url=”http://86dc80f4c18b5322f5b8-3127f52dfbe811ca6c6bcd0606c2dba7.r7.cf1.rackcdn.com/MESSYmarketing.mp4″ cover=”https://gde.llc/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/global-cover.png” /]

So What Does This Mean?

It means you shouldn’t make the same 3 big mistakes most businesses—instead, enjoy the benefits of employing M.E.S.S.Y!

1. Mobilize: If nothing else, make your site mobile friendly. This can be done very easily. If you want to have a mobile commerce site, then yes, that takes more time. But the key point is that the fundamentals can be taken care of quite easily and quickly.

2. Engage: Engage with your customers (potential and current) from the get-go and to do that, you have to be where they are. You need to be responsive to relate to them. So take to heart simple statistics such as this:

9 in 10 mobile social shares are on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Are you there? Are you offering coupons, updates, tips or tricks on each of these?

3. Strategize & Systematize: Even businesses with some kind of digital marketing rarely have a strategic approach or system that enables everyone in the business to make use of it (from sales to front-office, customer service or anyone with any impact on sales.) A strategy and a system are needed to make digital marketing a part of “business as usual” for tapping into the customers that are looking, willing and ready to buy.

So they way I look at it, not being MESSY is an expensive proposition!