GDE has announced that it has added new modifications to its inventory of products and services, in order to adjust to the recent changes done by the internet giant internet – Google.

In its latest move, Google updated its numerous Google+ features and replaced Google Places. This change, alongside those in Google’s Penguin algorithm and Knowledge Graph, auger changes that online businesses and internet marketers will have to heed.

Google+ Local pages now appear where Google Places used to appear when search results were shown. And according to Google’s Marissa Mayer, the company has already replaced some 80 million Google Places pages with Google+ Local pages, with many more coming.
And Google has tweaked its review system. It’s traditional 5-star rating system has been replaced with Zagat’s 30-point rating scale.

So now, as part of Google’s expanded local business listings, the Zagat restaurant review service is a free online service. These new business listings that will appear on Google’s online mapping service and mobile device applications, will include relevant recommendations to a use from their own Plus contacts.

Industry experts and analysts likewise report other advantages to the new Google+ Local pages, primarily through the integration with other Google features like Google Properties, Maps, Mobile, Search and others. Additionally, its integration with Google+ “Circles” is expected to make recommendations made by family, friends, colleagues and other connections, more readily available, thus building a little “peer accountability” into the system, and hopefully making reviews more honest and accurate.

So there you go. More changes.

Regarding search engine optimisation, SEO experts are saying that because Google+ Local pages (unlike Google Places) is actually indexed by Google – this makes optimisation easier for those who are looking for more traffic, better search engine rankings and more customers in the long run.

Concurrently, since a user’s Google Places page is converted into a Google+ Page automatically – it can likewise be considered as an excellent tool to enter into internet marketing and social media marketing campaigns as well. And according to experts, this opportunity must be maximised accordingly if one wants to earn even more in the end.